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Nowhere is it more important to feel protected than in your own home. Roché are on hand to help you ensure that your family and belongings are safe, providing peace-of-mind through our range of domestic security shutters. 

We offer the highest level of technical expertise, with an extensive background which combines working with homeowners to produce high quality, stylish roller garage doors with the more demanding security challenges of the commercial sector. 

Our team of highly skilled surveyors, designers and installers use this experience to develop a domestic security shutter which seamlessly works with your property and lifestyle. For example, we offer a range of balcony roller shutters with your home design and safety in mind.

Choosing the right domestic roller shutter

All security roller shutters contain the same basic components; the slat curtain, guide channels and top box which contains the shaft assembly and motor (if electrically operated). Guide channel and top box size is dependent on size of the door or window to be secured and the type of slat used.

There are two main types of slat to choose from, foamed filled insulated and extruded aluminium:

E77 Extruded Roller Shutter Slat

Extruded Aluminium

Extruded aluminium slat to provide exceptional strength and a smart high quality finish. Suitable for windows and doors.

Comes as standard in white or brown however can be powder coated any RAL colour.

See E37 & E37 Elite  

Insulated Aluminium

A double skinned aluminium profile with polyurethane insulating core for improved u-values and sound proofing.

Available in a wide choice of colours as standard and can be powder coated any RAL colour.

See T55 ,T77 & T77 Elite, M411, M511



Alternatives to domestic security shutters

For more transparency and a less obtrusive appearance, consider one of our domestic security grilles. These manually retractable designs can be installed on windows and doors. 

How much does a domestic security shutter cost?

Prices vary between domestic roller shutter products, although the difference is not as significant as with some of our other products. For example, a 1.6m wide by 1.6m high shutter electrically operated shutter in a standard colour will cost between £700 and £1,000 dependent on the model. Key factors which impact the cost are:

  • Operation. Many consumers want to control shutters via remote control which costs around an additional £200. This cost can increase further if you are looking for group control options or integration into a new or existing home automation system.
  • Finish. Most domestic security shutters have a choice of standard colours. If a standard colour does not suit your requirements many can be powder coated for an additional cost of £50 per m².
  • Installation. Customers using Roché’s domestic shutter installation service will receive the peace of mind of a 5 year comprehensive product and workmanship guarantee, with ongoing servicing contracts available. Installation charges are based on the number of shutters to be installed and the complexity of job.

Phone our team with rough sizes for a quick estimate quotation. For a formal quotation Roché need to send an experienced engineer to the property for a free no-obligation survey. A survey allows us to take exact measurements, check all details, including fixing points and electric supply, and also discuss your requirements in more detail. Once complete we aim to get detailed breakdown of costs delivered within 24 to 48 hours. Then you can decide whether you want to proceed.


M411 Security Shutters Internal and External View


Made to measure and installed nationwide by experts. All roller garage doors come with a 5 year product and workmanship guarantee.

Stylish Domestic Security Shutter with Circular Housing


Our doors roll tightly to minimise box size and come with a wide choice of colours and wood effect finishes to suit your homes exterior.

Image of White Domestic Roller Garage Door


Each roller garage door is manufactured using the highest quality components, allowing us to offer an extended five year guarantee.

Classic Roller Garage Door Rosewood


Each door is packed with intelligent features. An anti-lift locking system prevents anyone from forcing the shutter open from below, while insulated aluminium slats reduce heat loss. 

Secured by Design Roller Shutters


The Classic and Elite doors are ‘Secured By Design’, a police preferred specification for designing out crime. The Elite door has also been tested by the LPCB for additional peace of mind.

Engineer working out of roché van


Our experienced engineers work from bases across the UK and can offer convenient appointment times to suit your schedule.

Benefits of a Domestic Security Shutter



Roché’s security shutters for homes provide a barrier that you can trust. We achieve this by assessing the risk level based on the vulnerability of your location and potential access points and matching to a product from our extensive range.

From popular insulated aluminium shutters which help reduce heat loss to high strength, insurance-approved extruded designs, we can guide you to the best solution.


We understand aesthetics are a key priority, ensuring your security fits with the existing frontage and that your property doesn’t lose ‘kerb appeal’. This can be achieved by matching the finish to your window frames and keeping everything as compact as possible.

The housing and guide channels are the only components on show when the shutter isn’t in use and we aim to install these as discreetly as possible. It is possible to ensure they are unnoticeable from outside the home with an internal security shutter, or hide them from indoors with an external fit. We will assess and discuss your options during your free survey. 


In terms of operating your shutters, convenience is crucial. We achieve this through the use of remote controls, wireless wall switches which match your decor and intelligent home automation systems which are controlled via app and Alexa enabled. Security shutters for doors need to provide full, unrestricted access when required, whereas windows may require light flow even when the shutter is in use.

For larger residential properties such as care homes, blocks of flats and student accommodation, you may opt for a central building management system which allows many units to be opened and closed simultaneously at certain times of the day.


Find which option is right for you by speaking to the Roché team or booking a free no obligation site survey.