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After national lockdown rules were put in place, the ripple effect on crimes commenced. Criminals made use of the pandemic chaos to exploit empty businesses or those with little operating staff. For homeowners though, this time was a blessing: Police-recorded crime trends showed a decline in burglaries by almost 20%.

However, according to the latest research on police statistics, this positive effect for homeowners will be short-lived. As restrictions ease the majority brace themselves for a summer outdoors and making the most of the possible travel opportunities. What’s left behind are garages holding all of the household clutter we accumulated during the lockdown.

The most popular covid purchases were directed to improving our own back gardens: garden furniture and exercise bikes saw a surge in search of over 200% each, with kids play equipment, golf clubs and barbecues being almost as popular.  All of these items now find themselves tucked away in the same place our cars were meant to be, our garages a bigger target than ever to burglars. In fact, crime has already seen a rise between May and June. 

Besides cars, the average Brit leaves DIY tools, decorating gear, paint pots & ladders, gardening, gym & sports equipment, bikes and scooters at the mercy of burglars as they plan their outdoor adventures. The result is UK garages holding about £1,650 worth of gear: that is £7.6billion across the nation! This is no exaggeration: if like most of us you hold DIY tools, bikes and golf clubs in your garage (some of the most common items stored in UK garages), you already risk losing £700 in a burglary,

How can you protect yourself and your things? Here are some security tips from our team:

“While low crime rates dropped considerably during 2020/2021’s lockdowns, specialists are predicting this to rise again as we all spend more time outside the home. This means there’s never been a better time for homeowners to review the security measures they have in place.

In the garage simple tweaks adding a CCTV camera, checking any window locks and ensuring doors are in good condition could help ensure you hold on to those expensive golf clubs, tool kits and bikes.” Jamie Pugh – Marketing Manager, Roché Security

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