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Your home is your sanctuary, and sometimes you’ll want to block off neighbours, busy streets and the noise from the outside world. 

Whether you’re looking for a little privacy in your back garden on those Summer evenings or you want to prevent nosy neighbours from seeing inside, there are a range of simple tips and tricks you can use to make your personal space your own. 

Install a Fence

Installing a fence is one of the easiest ways to increase the privacy of your home. Don’t worry if you have a small back garden as a fence will take up minimal space. There are also multiple options to choose from when deciding to install a fence and these all have different values of privacy. 

  • Wood: Wooden fences are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners because they can be designed to be tall enough to provide an ample amount of privacy. 
  • Brick: Not the cheapest option around but they are the best for those who seek privacy and noise reduction.

Each type of garden fence provides an element of privacy and security, but you’ll need to choose the right option for you.

Add Blinds, Curtains and Shutters

One of the easiest and potentially cheapest options is to add some blinds, curtains, shutter or security grilles.

When choosing a blind or curtain, you’ll be able to go with the style of your interior design whilst selecting the level of privacy that you want. Adding a blind allows you a larger element of privacy without compromising natural light. Another option is adding security grilles to your window or doorway. With a retractable design which provides high levels of privacy and security, it’s an excellent option for those who only want privacy at certain times of the day. 

All these can be designed with your interior in mind and will not ruin the aesthetics of your home but offer mid to high levels of privacy. 

Add a Security Camera

Although the primary purpose of a security camera is to protect your property, it can also be seen as a proactive measure to increase your privacy. Because of the footage it records, it’s a great way to see if your privacy is up to scratch. It may also deter potential intruders and trespassers and lets others know that you like your privacy. 

Plant Trees and Bushes

Similar to fencing, adding bushes and trees is a great way to increase your privacy. They are a practical and cost-effective solution for both inside and outside of your home. If you plant a tree correctly, you can obstruct the views from your neighbour’s second storey home and provide both you and them with peace of mind. While tall shrubs can act as a privacy fence, they do so in a less obvious way. They also offer benefits including adding to the look of your home, increase your environmental footprint all whilst boosting your privacy not offending your neighbours. It might be best to speak to a landscape designer as they will know the best trees and bushes to install for maximum privacy. 

Install a Trellis

Whilst adding trees and bushes to your garden is a great idea, if you have a smaller garden you may find it harder to find the space to install these. Don’t worry though as installing a trellis is a great way to add privacy without taking up much-needed space. It also helps add an element of natural beauty to your garden, especially if you choose to plant some ivy or other climbing plants to grow along with the structure. 

Increasing the privacy of your home will give you peace of mind that your neighbours aren’t watching your every move. You’ll be able to carry out your daily activities in the privacy of your home. If you’re installing something that may intrude on your neighbour’s property such as a tree or a security camera, make sure you talk to them about it first.