Planning Permission: Do I Need to get Planning Permission For Shop Shutters?

Councils and local authorities differ in their requirements regarding security shutters. In nearly all areas you will need planning permission, but this is usually a straightforward process. If you fail to comply with these requirements and install shutters without seeking approval first, you may find yourself with a Planning Enforcement Notice


Before applying for permission, we will need to carry out a survey. This is when one of our trained professionals visits the site, measures up and assesses your requirements. The survey is essential for us to see exactly what you’ll need (such as special brackets) and provide an accurate quote.

It’s also an opportunity for building managers to learn more about their requirements and options before contacting their local authority.

Roché have surveyors across the UK, with each one serving a particular area. These experienced professionals will have invaluable knowledge about similar projects in your region, and also about the different shop shutters which are suitable for your property. They may suggest products you had not previously considered, or explain options you have concerning powder coating or circular housings. Once you have an idea of your ‘ideal’ shop shutters, and where you may be able to compromise if required, it’s time to move to the next stage.

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When you contact your local authority, the first thing you will need to do is confirm with them the types of security shutters which are usually permitted. This gives you a starting point for your application.

Generally speaking, councils consider vision shutters preferable to solid designs, and quality and aesthetics (such as colour, fit type and box size) important. These are considered not only in the context of your building frontage, but in the context of your whole street.

It isn’t only your choice of shutter which is considered on your application. Decision makers will likely weigh up the crime risk to your property, fire regulations and also the risk of graffiti to installed shutters. You may find anti graffiti coatings are viewed more favourably.

If your property is in a conservation area, or is a listed building, you may need a special type of permission (such as ‘Listed Building Consent’). This can be much harder to obtain, so you may need to consider alternatives which are more likely to comply with these guidelines.

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Most councils understand the requirement for security shutters, but in exceptional cases you may find yourself advised against them, or even find your application rejected. This is more common on buildings of historical or architectural significance. Some authorities also feel more strongly against ‘dead frontage’ than others. In these cases an internally fitted vision shutter may be more suitable. They fit behind the glass, having minimal impact on your business frontage while still preventing intruders from gaining access.

Internally-fitted retractable security grilles do not usually require any type of planning permission at all. They can be an effective compromise where all types of shop shutters are rejected.

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