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Security Shutters Explained

1. Introduction

For over 20 years, Roché Security has been supplying quality security shutters to companies and households across the UK. Our bespoke roller shutter doors are tailored to meet specific site requirements. Recognising the challenge of finding the right information to choose suitable doors for your premises, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to security shutter doors.


2. Security Shutters Overview

A security shutter is a vertical rolling door system composed of horizontal laths forming the curtain, side guides, bottom rail, barrel assembly, and canopy. These shutters, commonly made from galvanized steel or extruded aluminium, provide high security for various properties. The size of the opening determines the components’ size and thickness.

When specifying a bespoke roller shutter, consider the following:

Security level
Airflow/Vision requirements
Thermal protection
Width and height of the opening
Frequency of use
Method of operation
Headroom requirements
Safety features



3. Security Shutter Components

Lath & Curtain:

Interlocking horizontal laths, either flat or convex, form the curtain, secured with end caps.

Roller Assembly:

A steel or aluminum tube at the ends of the shutter, around which the curtain rolls.


Various locking methods, including side guide bullet lock, ground lock, central bottom rail lock, or for the higher security products, integrated locking systems

Guide Channels:

“U” shaped vertical sections guiding the curtain securely up and down.


Positioned at the top, it powers the shutter’s mechanical components.

Safety Brake:

Prevents the door from dropping in case of motor failure.


Surrounds high-level components to prevent entrapment and enhance aesthetics.


4. Security Shutter Layout Options

Security shutters can be installed using either “Reveal Fix” or “Face Fix” methods.


5. Key Benefits of Security Shutters


Can be installed during construction or retrofitted for improved security or fire protection.


Provides optimal protection against theft and vandalism, enhancing privacy and deterring intruders.


Available in various colours and sizes, with quick installation causing minimal disruption.

Temperature Control:

Different models help maintain internal temperatures, with thermal insulation reducing energy costs.

Noise Reduction:

Insulated curtains reduce external noise and retain internal noise.


Typically made from galvanized steel or extruded aluminium, offering long-term durability and protection against forced entry and weather elements.


Punched or perforated sections allow product display while ensuring security.



6. Security Shutter Specifications

Reasons for Specification:

Budget: Costs vary by operation type, from manual to electric motors.
Electric Availability: Determines the feasible operation method.
Size: Influences available operation options.
Application: Varies from small shops to military bases.
Usage: Frequency of use dictates the suitable motor type.

Operation Options:

Manual lift and pull-down
Hand chain operation
Single-phase tubular motor with an up and down switch
Industrial three-phase motor with an up and down switch

Curtain Options:

Curved or Flat Lath: Chosen based on the opening size and aesthetics.
Solid Lath: High security with no vision, available in a range of sizes
Punched Lath: Allows vision and airflow, used in shops and car parks.
Perforated/Vision Lath: Cost-effective, secure with holes for vision and airflow.
Tube & Link Style: Maximum vision and airflow for shops and car parks.

Finish Options:

Galvanized Steel: Cost-effective.
Aluminium: Mill-finished and cost-effective.
Powder Coating: Available for both materials, matching door surroundings.
Plastisol Steel: Durable, with limited colour options.

Safety Devices & Controls:

Safety Brake: Prevents forceful closure in motor failure.
Photo Cells & Safety Edges: Stop operation if obstructions are detected.
Security Locks: Enhance security with additional guide and ground locks.

Head Room: The height of the door affects the required headroom for the rolled-up curtain.

7. Product Testing and Certification

Our products undergo rigorous testing by the Loss Prevention and Certification Board (LPCB) to ensure security. Shutters are tested against various tool sets to meet stringent safety delay times, ranging from SR1/A1 to SR5/E10. These tests guarantee that our shutters provide reliable security for your projects.



There are many uses for roller shutters, which are split into two main end use types and a multitude of applications:








Garage doors

High end retail

Window and door shutters


Military Buildings

Government Building

Chemical Facilities

Food Preperation facilities

etc etc etc.


9. FAQ’s

How much does a security shutter cost?

Due to varying size and specifications all roller shutters are bespoke manufactured to individual requirements resulting in significant variance from one model cost to another. As a made to measure product you can receive a free estimate for your security shutter from our dedicated security team by calling 0800 060 8842

Is there a certain amount of head room needed?

Each range and model of roller shutter will roll up into a different size head plate, generally the taller the door the larger head room required. Contact our technical team for further assistance

Which shutter design gives the best ventilation?

A tube & link shutter provides the best airflow and can be used for shopfront and carpark roller shutters.

Can I install the shutter myself?

Yes, we offer security shutters on a supply only basis as well as supply and install.

Do you have all the relevant specification items?

We have a full suite of CAD drawings, Datasheets and for the majority of our products BIM drawings all available directly from us, or on NBS source.

How long does it take to manufacture and install a shutter ?

Dependent on the specification our average lead time is 4-5 weeks.

Do roller shutters come in standard sizes?

All roller shutters are made to measure.

Will you survey my property and advise on the best security shutter product?

Yes, we offer a no obligation survey and will explain the best security shutter solution for you.



With a wide range of shutters available, businesses and homeowners are assured to find the appropriate shutter system for their premises.  We have been installing for both domestic and commercial customers for over 20 years, in a wide range of situations, from securing houses with window and door shutters, to national infrastructure projects including military bases.

Quality Materials

Constructed either from steel or aluminium with quality finishes, Roché Security uses the best materials for optimum protection, sleek aesthetic and durable products.

Employed Installations Team

All installations are carried out by our own team of vetted, trained, certified and employed installations team.  We don’t subcontract work out, to ensure we have control over the quality of the finished job.


Available with a variety of features and operations and can be specified and designed subject to client’s requirements.

Wide Range of Solutions

Select from a wide range of products, including high-security roller shutters, industrial roller shutters, insurance rated roller shutters, insulated roller shutters, shopfront roller shutters & car park roller shutters.

Feefo Service Award

We are proud of our 5star Feefo service rating, collated from completed jobs delivered by our team of professional technical surveyors, customer service and installations teams.

What’s available?

We offer a wide range of LPCB rated shutters from A1 up to E10.

Our latest product the E130 Elite E10 (SR5) is suitable for government buildings, national infrastructure and military bases amongst other things.

The full range of LPCB approved security shutters can be found here.

Alternatively for a discussion with our technical support team call us on 0800 060 8842 or email