How to Measure

Please follow the instructions below to find sizing. Contact a member of our team for an idea of cost based on your measurements.

Roché’s full service involves a free site survey from an experienced engineer. Please note, this is required even if you are supplying your own measurements over the phone. To find out why, and learn more about the survey process, click here.


 Important Information:

  • Our team would appreciate all sizes in mm where possible. Unless otherwise stated, we list width before height in all measurements.
  • Your fit type will impact your choice of product, and therefore the size of your shutter curtain, box and guides. The below method will give us a basic understanding of your requirements, and is enough for us to assess which shutters may be suitable.
  • If you are familiar with measuring shutters and would like more detail regarding curtain, box and guide sizes, see our product datasheets or speak to a member of our technical team.

Opening Size

This is simply the available space within the opening. Measure the width and height, ideally along multiple points for better accuracy.

For face fit installations (both internal and external), we will also need to know roughly how much room is available around the shutter. The sides will need to accommodate the guide channels (usually between 66mm and 90mm, although can be larger or smaller dependent on requirements). The wall above the opening will need to accommodate your plates/box (between 150mm and 600mm). Our product datasheets provide an indication of which size box and guides are suitable for each shutter and its size.

A reveal installation means the box/plate and guides are fitted inside the opening. While this does encroach on the walk-through space when the shutter is open, they provide a solution where wall space is restricted.

Once our team have assessed your requirements, we will be able to let you know which fit type is most suitable, and the exact measurements for the box and guides.

Fitting Options

Internal Face Fit

The shutter or door is fitted to the inside wall, above the opening. This is the most common location and is an available option for most products.

Roller Shutter Fixing - Internal Face Fit

External Face Fit

When headroom does not permit internal fixing doors can be fixed to the external face. This means the box is visible from outside and the concave face of the curtain slats face outwards.

Roller Shutter Fixing - External Face Fit

Reveal Fix

The shutter or door is fitted within the opening, underneath the lintel. A reveal fix is most commonly used when face fixing is not possible. It requires good headroom within the opening, but no wall space above it. Any required fitting space for the box, plates or guides will be taken from the opening instead.

Roller Shutter Fixing - Reveal Fit