Roché offer a selection of security shutters which are suitable for small openings. Key features make these products suitable for use as window security shutters, such as smaller slat sizes which allow the curtain to roll up into a compact box. Options include powder coating to match existing window frames (or retail signage), aesthetically appealing circular housings, and vision slots to maintain natural light levels. 

Solid window security shutters can be insulated for improved U-values (see T55, T77, M411 or M511), or extruded, which offers very high levels of strength and security (E37 or E77). Products beginning with ‘P’ are perforated, while those beginning with the letter ‘V’ have a punched profile for maximum vision. Elite versions offer the highest security levels and have been certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and Secured by Design. For advice on which roller shutters are most suitable for your home or business please call the Roché office. Our expert team will also be able to provide a price estimate based on your requirements. 

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Window Security Shutter Pricing

Prices vary between window security shutters, although the difference is not as significant as with some of our other products. For example, a 1.6m wide by 1.6m high electrically operated shutter in a standard colour will vary from around £700 for an M411 to £950 the Secured By Design insurance approved E37 (LPCB SR1 rated). Key factors which impact the cost are:

  • Operation. Many consumers want to control shutters via remote control which costs around an additional £200. This cost can increase further if you are looking for group control options or integration into a new or existing home automation system.
  • Finish. Most window security shutters have a choice of colours as standard. If a standard colour does not suit your requirements many can be powder coated for an additional cost of £50 per m².
  • Installation. Customers who use Roché’s installation service will receive the peace of mind of a five year comprehensive product and workmanship guarantee, with ongoing service contracts available. Installation charges are based on the number of shutters to be installed and complexity of job.

Phone our team with rough sizes for a quick estimate quotation. For a formal quotation Roché need to send an experienced engineer to the job site for a free no-obligation survey. A survey allows Roché to take exact measurements, check all details, including fixing points and electric supply, and also discuss your requirements in more detail. Once complete we aim to get detailed breakdown of costs delivered within 24 to 48 hours.