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Suitable for various applications like shop fronts and banks, these shutters balance security with visibility and airflow.

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Secured by Design Roller Shutters


Wide range of access control choices, from standard key switches to cloud based keyless physical access control systems.

P37 , Security Shutter


Over 10 different vision roller shutters available, from standard punched and perforated aluminium and steel profiles to the unique polycarbonate Eurolook

Which transparent roller shutter is most suitable?

Some buildings require the security of a roller shutter, but in an ideal scenario would also maintain aesthetics, vision and/or light flow. In these cases a transparent shutter is likely the most suitable solution.

A see-through barrier allows the public to view shop, gallery or museum displays while it is closed. They can provide light flow to dark industrial units, or ventilation to underground car parks. Transparent roller shutters often assist with planning permission approval as they are commonly viewed as more aesthetically pleasing than a solid shutter.

Vision shutters are easily categorised by the type of transparency they offer. Aluminium and steel slats can be perforated (with many regular small holes) or punched (with larger cut-out sections, commonly in a brick formation although this can be customised). Punched sections can be infilled with inserts for higher security levels. These slats all have matching solid counterparts, which can be incorporated where only partial vision is required.

Other options include the grille-like Tube and Link or the fully transparent polycarbonate Eurolook. For the largest openings between components, take a look at manually operated sliding security grilles.

All transparent security shutters contain the same basic components; the slat curtain, guide channels and the box which contains the shaft assembly and motor (if electrically operated). Guide channel and box sizes are dependent on the size of the opening to be secured and the type of slat used.

In addition to vision level, the choice of slat is also driven by size, budget and security. Below is a list of our popular curtain slats for commercial premises in ascending price order.

We have also developed a product finder application – click here to access it.

P76 Perforated Steel Roller Shutter Slat Profile

Perforated Single Skinned Solid Steel

A single skin steel lath with small perforated holes to transfer light and vision. Suitable for medium to very large commercial properties.

Comes as standard with a galvanised finish however can be powder coated any RAL colour.

See P76 & P76 Elite
V76 Steel Security Shutter Slat Profile

Punched Single Skinned Solid Steel

A single skin steel lath with large punched holes so passers by get a feel for what is contained in your premises. Suitable for medium to very large commercial properties.

Comes as standard with a galvanised finish however can be powder coated any RAL colour.

See V76

P77 Roller Shutter Slat Profile

Perforated Single Skinned Aluminium

Single skinned aluminium with perforated profile for vision and security.

Comes as standard in white or brown however can be powder coated any RAL colour.

See P37P77


V77 Slat Profile Close Up

Punched Single Skinned Aluminium

A single skinned aluminium profile with punched sections for maximum vision.

Comes as standard in white or brown however can be powder coated any RAL colour.

See V37V77 & V77 Elite

Tube & Link Grille Shutter Profile

Tube & Link

Horizontal tubes and vertical links built in a brick formation as standard, providing high levels of vision and airflow to retail premises.
Available in anodised aluminium, mill finish or powder coated any RAL colour. 

Eurolook Transparent Security Shuttter Profile


Transparent polycarbonate links built in a brick formation as standard. Ideal solution for shops where see-through vision is a priority.

Frosted and ventilated variants available.

See Eurolook

How much does a vision roller shutter cost?

Some transparent security shutters do not differ in price from their solid counterparts, while specialist high vision designs can be significantly more. For example, a 3m wide shutter around 2.5m high, electrically operated via key switch and in a standard colour, could cost anything from £1,000 for a punched steel shutter to over £3,000 for a Secured By Design insurance approved P77 Elite (LPCB SR2 Rated) with polycarbonate inserts. The exclusive Eurolook shutter may cost over £5000 for the same size.

Steel products have a galvanised finish as standard. Aluminium products generally come with choice of standard colours such as white, brown and grey. If you cannot find a colour which matches your requirements nearly all shutter profiles can be powder coated any RAL colour for an additional cost.

All transparent roller shutters are available on a supply only basis, however most customers want one of our experienced nationwide engineering teams to install. Customers who use Roché’s installation service will also receive the peace of mind of a one year comprehensive product and workmanship guarantee, with ongoing service contracts available. Installation charges are based on the number of shutters to be installed and the complexity of the job.

Phone our team with rough sizes for a quick estimate quotation. For a formal quotation Roché need to send an experienced engineer to the site for a free no-obligation survey. A survey allows Roché to take exact measurements, check all details, including fixing points and electric supply, and discuss your requirements in more detail. Once complete we aim to get a detailed breakdown of costs delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

If you are interested in our rapid emergency service, which typically carries a surcharge, then please notify the team when you contact them.

Control options for vision security shutters

Key Switch

Key Switch

Secure key-based access and easy-to-use operation. Hold-to-run ensures safety, as the operator will always be in view of the shutter.

Somfy Security Shutter Key Pad

Key Pad

Fitted internally and/or externally, electronic key pads provide secure access to users with the code only.

Somfy Remote Control Handset

Remote Control

Operate your security shutter with a handheld remote control. Multi channel receivers allow a number of shutters to be controlled from a single device.

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Recognition

The highest level of control over who enters your premises. A fingerprint reader allows only provide access to those who are authorised, such as employees.

Shutter Rocker Switch

Rocker Switch

A common choice in applications where access control is provided elsewhere. Simple hold-to-run design, where the user will be in view of the shutter for safe operation.

Cloud Based Keyless Security

Cloud Based Keyless Systems

Operated conveniently via mobile phone app, a cloud based system allows for dynamic access control. Add and remove users in an instant, such as delivery drivers requiring temporary access.

Recent transparent roller shutter projects

Let Roché be your shutter partner

Roché are partners with a number of companies large and small with ongoing shutter requirements including the likes of Transport for London, Portakabin Group, Edemol, NatWest and Mulberry. The benefits of partnering with Roché for your shutter requirements are:

  • Huge selection of in-house manufactured products including the UK’s most comprehensive range of LPCB / Secured By Design insurance approved light commercial roller shutters.
  • Access to nationwide team of experienced shutter engineers for security shutter installations, repairs, terminations and services including our 24/7 emergency service team.
  • Dedicated account manager to handle all your requirements.
  • Competitive pricing including the development of company specific price lists and payment terms.


Find which option is right for you with a free no obligation site survey.