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Electric or Manual Operation?

We take a look at the main differences between Electronically or Manually Operated roller shutters and their intended usages

What’s the Difference?

In essence a manual roller shutter is just that, it is operated manually with a crank handle. On smaller shutters this is not to arduous a task, but on larger shutters this can be a very labour intensive job and incredibly time consuming.

Electronically operated roller shutters are opened and closed with the simple press of a button or even more simply via remote control.

Additionally electronic shutters can be grouped so, for example, if you had a row of windows with individual shutters on, they can be grouped to the same electronic system and opened and closed together or individually. Electronically operated doors also come with a manual override, so should you have a power outage, you can still operate the doors.


Electronically operated Shutters

Electronically operated roller shutters are now comfortably the most popular option, both for ease of use, but also with the cost differentials between the two systems being closer than ever. Around 90% of all the shutters we sell are operated electronically these days.

In commercial settings modern electronically operated roller shutters provide not only safety, but with the added control of the electric motor, improved efficiencies.

The shutters can be programmed to open and managed either remotely or locally, giving your commercial operations team more flexibility, and with the option to group shutters together, multiple applications can be managed together for even greater efficiencies.

For larger domestic properties, again grouping window and door shutters together, can give you added peace of mind as well as being able to do this from a safe place indoors, as opposed to having to walk around each unit separately.

For larger multi-site operations your shutter doors can be programmed to operate automatically at a given time, or even controlled individually from a smart device, such as laptop, tablet, or phone. Once again improving efficiencies and safety

Electric roller shutters are typically powered by tubular motor connected to an electricity supply, and as mentioned are operated by either a rocker switch, a key switch or remotely via an app. In some instances, on larger industrial type applications, a three phase motor would be utilised.

Cloud Based Keyless Security

Manually operated Shutters

Manual roller shutters give you the convenience and security of a roller shutter for your home, office, or shop at an affordable price.

Manual shutters are suitable for smaller openings or where single shutters are required, such as a small shop fronts or domestic properties that needs opening and closing once a day.

Manual roller shutters are operated either by an internal pull cord or a spring and lock facility, and as such not suitable for larger openings and can be labour intensive.

Supply and Installation

There really is no difference when it comes to the supply of manual or electric roller shutters and with our own installation teams fully trained to fit your roller shutter whether that be electric or manual, the choice really comes down to your needs and your budgets, and our trained team are on hand to talk you through the options open to you.



So there you have it. For larger openings an electronically operated roller shutter is really the only option.

For smaller single use applications, often a manual shutter will suffice.

Electronically operated shutters work in pretty much any situation and account for over 90% of our shutter sales and installations.


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