Selfridges – London

Selfridges & Co’s iconic store at 400 Oxford Street first opened its doors in 1909 and now includes a range of experiences including a creative playground, late-night dining restaurants, a cinema, and even wedding services. It’s also one of the only stores on Oxford Street not to have its windows smashed by the Suffragettes back in the day.

In partnership with Souvenir Scenic Studios we were tasked with manufacturing security shutters to cover 2 voids, one facing the Edward Mews road and the other for a temporary space on Orchard Street.

CLIENT – Selfridges


The client was keen to maintain vision once the shutters were installed in preparation for a new exhibition area and therefore decided to proceed with our Tube & Link steel security shutter. Both security shutters were over 4m in width and can be operated electrically via an external key switch. Manual overrides were provided so that each shutter could be used in the rare event of a power cut. 


The Tube and Link security shutter uses small steel components to create large openings, for very high levels of vision through the shutter while it is closed. It is commonly installed on shop fronts, either indoors as a standalone barrier (such as within shopping centres), or behind glass on a street front scenario. This version benefits from an aluminium box and guide system.


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