Protecting Your Home – High Tech or High Security?

The recent rise in cybercrime has made a lot of us more mindful of how we act online. More precautions are being taken when we share information and cyber fraud remains a constant threat. So, with this in mind, should home security still be a priority? and should you be nervously checking your peep hole every time someone new walks by?

Protecting Your Property

Last year there were over 5.9 million incidents of crime in England and Wales alone. This equates to a 10% increase in overall offences recorded by the police. Similar issues still occur with thefts at personal properties and can make leaving your property for long periods even more worrisome.  Security shutters are an excellent deterrent against such incidents and can give you the confidence that your property is protected.

So, are you just more likely to be a victim of a cyber-attack as you are to experience a theft in the home? According to the latest Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) cyber crime is a lot more likely with over 11.8 million offences. Second on the list is theft clocking up 3.5 million offences.  This goes to show that whilst cybercrime is on the rise, physical security remains crucial to providing valuable financial security for expensive household items.

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At Home and Online

Whether it’s a retractable security grille to cover your doorway, or a firewall to block unwanted visitors, the key is to protect your information. After all a burglar can just as easily access your private information and decide to use it online.

One thing worth mentioning is that cybercrime is a lot less opportunistic. Cyber criminals will tend to use more sophisticated methods to gain access to your private information. This makes protecting yourself online more difficult and not necessarily as easy to install as home security.

What do I need to Consider?

If you are worried about your security at home or at work, it’s worth considering the following:

  • Does the property have any weak areas where thieves could potentially obtain access?
  • Are there any visible deterrents which could scare away thieves?
  • What could the potential damage be if a thief did gain access?
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Golden oak roller garage doors
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