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Understanding Security and Fire Door Testing & Ratings

Below we take a look at the relevant industry standards for Security and Fire doors.

If you’re looking to invest in fire or security rated shutters or grilles for your home or business premises, it’s important that you’re aware of the standards so you get the right product for your needs.


Loss Prevention Certification Board Loss Prevention Standard 1175 (LPCB LPS 1175)

LPCB standards indicate the security level of external security equipment.

If you need to protect expensive equipment, or confidential papers on your business premises, then investing in LPCB certified security equipment will go a long way to offering the best level of protection for your premises.

The LPCB’s Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) 1175 certification is regarded as the security standard of choice for the protection of government-associated national infrastructure in the UK, as well as being well recognised in the Middle East as a more stringent alternative to European standards. LPS testing has been formulated by the LPCB with input from the UK government, insurers, and police forces. Invest in a security door or window grille that meets these standards and your business premises will receive a guaranteed level of protection.

Intruder-resistant products are categorised under LPS 1175, which has 8 different ratings. The higher the rating, the more protection.

Below is a breakdown of the LPCB LPS 1175 security ratings (SR).

Security rating classification

Minimum test time

Minimum test duration


























SR1 & SR2

SR1 & SR2 Provide the minimum levels of recognised resistance to opportunist attempts at forced entry using various techniques, including those that create noise, such as those involving breaking glass.

SR1 is the lowest level of security recognised by the LPCB.

SR1 is categorised as ‘An opportunist attack by physical force and stealth’ to attempt to force entry for a total attack time of up to a minute, over a period of 5 minutes.

SR2 testing simulates ‘A more determined opportunistic attack’. To reach this standard, a piece of security equipment must withstand a 3-minute attack

This makes it a great option for office buildings and small shops or retail premises.

If this level of security sounds ideal for your business, take a look at our SR1 & SR2 Products


SR3 Rated Products – Provide moderate resistance to determined attempts of force entry using a range of techniques, including those that involve the creation of noise.

SR3 is categorised as ‘A deliberate forced entry of protected premises and for products to reach this they must be able to endure an attack lasting 5 minutes, from someone armed with the typical equipment of a thief who’s specifically targeted your premises

If your business is likely to be targeted by thieves, SR3 certified external security products will provide a higher level of protection and help to minimise the risk of break-ins for your premises.

If this sounds like the right level of protection for your business, take a look at our range of SR3 products

SR4 & SR5

SR4 & SR5 are categorised as Experienced attempt at forced entry with higher-level tools and for products to reach this they must be able to endure an attack lasting up to 10 minutes, from someone armed with the kinds of equipment an experienced and prepared thief is likely to use

During the SR4 test, they utilise equipment an experienced and prepared thief is likely to use. This includes cordless disc grinders, drills, and jigsaws, alongside manual tools such as sledgehammers and plate sheers

SR5 also includes the tools from tool category D+, which includes items such as a circular and reciprocating saws, and a cordless disc grinder.

If your business is likely to be targeted by highly efficient and targetd thieves, SR4 & SR5 certified external security products will provide a higher level of protection and help to minimise the risk of break-ins for your premises.

To protect your business from all but the most intense of attacks, check out our SR4 product

Exova Warringtonfire Certification

Exova Logo

Part of the Exova global testing group and with more than 40 years’ experience, Exova Warringtonfire is the world’s leading independent fire and security testing, fire engineering and certification organisation.

The FS steel fire shutter range has been tested at Exova Warringtonfire under BS EN 16034:2014 test conditions and are CE marked to BS EN 13241-1:2003

In order to ensure the safety of your employees, it’s important to invest in fire rated equipment. Fire-rated doors are essential for emergency escape doors in industrial environments, commercial premises, offices, and schools.

If your business operates from a standard office block full of work equipment that does not pose an obvious fire threat, a lower rated fire door should provide the sufficient level of protection.

If you are responsible for a warehouse or industrial building with machinery or flammable gasses on site a fire is more likely, and a door with a higher rating will be necessary.

Please bear in mind the time it your premises to be completely evacuated when investing in a fire door, as you will require one that will maintain its structural integrity until the building has been emptied.

If you’re looking for fire doors for your business, then take a look at our range of Fired Rated Doors

Secured by Design

Secured by Design Roller Shutters

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit.

SBD’s product based accreditation scheme – the Police Preferred Specification – provides a recognised standard for all security products that can deter and reduce crime.

There are currently many hundreds of companies producing thousands of attack resistant crime prevention products, across 30 different crime categories, which have achieved Police Preferred Specification.

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